Textile Laboratory

Textile Laboratory

Textile Laboratory is a group of artists working with textiles in the context of contemporary art. Textile Laboratory was formed from the workshops invented by Lisa Olshanskaya and Alexandra Ostrovskaya in 2020 at Prostaya Shkola. The lab involves authors who develop both independent and collective art projects and practices, united by interest in experimenting with textiles, weaving and embroidery, mixed techniques. Majority of participants lives in Moscow, Russia, but there are some artists who live in Switzerland and Finland. Main communication between artists happens online in the Zoom.

Participants: Katya Zhukova, Anna Zhurko, Lisa Olshanskaya, Alexandra Ostrovskaya, Kristina Pashkova, Masha Pervushina, Anna Plotnikova, Tanya Popova, Loi Oleynik, Nadja Karpinskaya


It's like origami, with fabric and iron
"utug" — "iron" in russian
Everyday shirt
Ritual project to save all mankind from the coronavirus and other diseases
Textile project about communication
Lockdown Chronicle
To embrace the lockdown together we focused on the things around us: portraits of pets, botanical observations, diary entries, views from the window, the interior.

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